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Math + Obesity = Science!


Article on NYT:

A Mathematical Challenge to Obesity

Dr. Carson C. Chow, mathematician and physicist, studies causes and solutions of obesity through mathematics.

Some of his team’s findings:

  • Obesity is a result of the overproduction of food (it is cheap and there is too much of it) in America
  • A reduction of 3500 calories does not equal a pound lost
  • Heavier people gain weight faster
  • The “plateau” was proven mathematically (in 3 years, you hit equilibrium)

They also made a really cool calculator to help you find your caloric input and output requirements to meet your goal weight! Check it out here: 

Body Weight Simulator

Interestingly, their tool says for me to lose 10 lbs in 6 months, I should go for 1730 calories a day. All other tools tell me 1300. This could be due to the way they calculate estimated activity level. I told it that I do regular activities more than once a week (which is usually true).

This quote was interesting to me:

Another finding: Huge variations in your daily food intake will not cause variations in weight, as long as your average food intake over a year is about the same. This is because a person’s body will respond slowly to the food intake.

Yepyepyep. Been maintaining in roughly a 5 lb range for over a year. I’ll have a week where I’ll eat fast food nearly every day but then clean it up and my weight will be right back where it should be within another week, in 2 at the most.

It also says I can maintain eating a little over 2000 calories. That’s pretty cool. (Except I don’t count them…)



So, I’ve already told you that you’re very likely to overestimate the amount of calories you burn. Want to know what mistake #2 is? People tend to UNDERESTIMATE the amount of calories they eat. Even those of us who use diet planners, apps, etc. tend to underestimate our portion sizes. To get…



This broke my heart, because I am the Queen of eating every few hours. Initially I was really only hungry 3 times a day, but in every magazine I read it said to eat small meals every 3-4 hours. Now I need to eat every few hours or else I feel like I’m starving. But enough about me, let’s talk…

Eat when you’re hungry.

I like how this study actually measured hormones & stuff.

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