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My first Mother’s Day in a nutshell:

  • My parents got to our house around 6:30 Saturday night. We ate the pork roast, potatoes, spinach salad, and homemade apple crisp.
  • Ryland ate pork, potatoes, and spineaches.
  • Jeremy surprised me with this card that he and Ryland made. I came in the kitchen, and Ryland was pulled up on a chair. Jeremy said, “Hey, Nikki. What does Ryland have a hold of?” It was the card. So sweet.
  • Sunday, we went to church. I clipped a tie on Ryland for the first time. We ran out of time to get pictures with my mom. :( I’ll steal some from facebook when my dad posts them.
  • Ryland’s pants kept falling off even though they’re 3-6 mo. size. his shirt is 12 mo. He is 8 mo. 
  • We went to Red Lobster for lunch, and I was HONGRAY. So I honored my hunger and ate a 3rd cheddar bay biscuit after finishing my food (I had a small lunch portion of shrimp and broccoli).
  • My parents left from the restaurant because they had to make it back to the other side of Atl. to pick up their foster child before evening worship.
  • Jeremy’s parents, brothers, and brother’s GF got to our house a little before 4. We hung out until time for evening worship.
  • Afterwards, we went to Jason’s Deli to eat. 
  • Ryland was a champ getting so much attention from people who are pretty much strangers to him. He stared at them all serious at first, but warmed up within 10 minutes.

p.s.Jeremy, the master photographer, took this gem that I had to share:


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  1. leaheatsandmoves said: He is growing so fast!
  2. livelaughlovearedhead said: Happy 1st Mother’s Day indeed! :)
  3. abitofsilliness said: Awww! So much joy in these pictures. Happy Mother’s Day Nikki. :)
  4. callmequadzilla said: He is seriously the cutest!! Glad you had a fun day!
  5. twentyonedaysandcounting said: Happy Mother’s Day Nikki! You’re just such a wonderful person! I hope you felt particularly special yesterday!
  6. straightarrowlife said: He’s so adorable - and you look GREAT, Nikki. You really do. Happy first Mothers Day!
  7. laurworksandwonders said: Look at that little grown-up baby wearing a tie! *Melting*
  8. chelsearuns said: So sweet :) You look so lovely and happy in that photo of you and Ryland! I giggled a little at the pants falling down, hehe
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