Making Myself Better

Hi, Ryland. You’re really cute, but you make it kind of hard to do bicycle crunches when you crawl up between my legs. (That’s my knee in the bottom pic.)

I tried again later, and he crawled up to me, but his hands on my stomach, and started doing baby push ups.

and from last night:

Though I don’t share every intuitive eating victory, I did want to share one from earlier today. Ryland didn’t finish his food from yesterday, and since it was homemade, it wouldn’t be safe for him to eat today (I made it on Wed.). When he has leftover veggies, I usually dump them into a smoothie for me so they don’t get wasted, but this time, it was veggie beef soup. I figured it would work mixed into some mac & cheese, so I made some and stirred the leftover puree and Greek yogurt instead of milk & butter (if you haven’t tried yogurt in your mac & cheese and you still eat the box kind like I do, then DO IT).

The win came while I was eating: I recognized when I was satisfied and stopped even though I was eating straight from the pot. I had decided to test myself to see if I could stop eating it without having to pre-portion, and I passed my test!

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  1. straightarrowlife said: Good job on the eating! Seriously good job. :)
  2. shortmom said: that smile — too cute!!!
  3. abitofsilliness said: hehe He IS cute!
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