Making Myself Better
Weekend part 2 (plus yesterday)

There’s really not that much to tell, but the post was pretty long by the time I had finished talking about the retreat.

We went to Kohl’s after I got home because Jeremy needed new pants and we have gift cards from returning stuff at Christmas (the only way we could afford getting new clothes). 

We went to be early because we were tired- me from staying up late and Jeremy from getting up to put Ryland’s paci back in his mouth. Jeremy doesn’t fall back asleep as quickly as I can in the middle of the night. He does fall asleep more quickly when starting the night, though.

Sunday was just another Sunday for us. I wore this really cool skirt:



Years ago (7 or 8), my friend and I were browsing the Flea Market/Antique Mall, and I saw this skirt and I said how much I liked it. Several months later, she went with her mom and ended up getting the skirt for me because that booth was on sale!

I don’t wear it often (maybe once a year) because it has to be the perfect weather for it.

Ryland wore his tie onesie:


It’s hard to get smiling picture of him anymore because he’s so fascinated by the camera.

After worship, I took a nap & vacuumed. (see, super exciting)

Evening worship

afterwards I cut a sweet potato into chunks (I had no idea how hard raw sweet potatoes are!), drizzled olive oil, sprinkled Cajun seasoning & roasted it. Yum.

Yesterday I did what I said I was going to do. I did several sets of Ryland crunches, did some side planks while holding his bottle, did split squats with the back foot on a chair, regular squats while holding him, and rode the bike: image

I also did a pretty good job about listening to my hunger & fullness signals, and the bloating is already starting to go down.

I was really struggling with myself last night and even pulled out my papers on the diet I did in 2010. I’m going to keep trying to learn to eat intuitively. I won’t give up.

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  1. ariavie said: Love the tie onesie. Your little guy is growing so fast!
  2. straightarrowlife said: 1) GORGEOUS skirt. 2) Don’t give up! 3) I still say a degree of food planning would be helpful. Just… nudging. ;)
  3. run-doozer-run said: I think you look fabulous. You’re glowing! And Ryland…well, he’s too cute. As always :) Love your skirt!
  4. betternikki posted this
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