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Final installment of Ryland photospam

Happy pictures because Daddy’s home!

imagesnapthistiger replied to your photoThe next installment of Ryland photospam- the…

Ryland looks cute in that outfit.

Doesn’t he? Sadly, it’s a 6-9 mo., which means we just pulled it out for him to wear, but he’s already too tall for it. He won’t even be able to wear it one more time. 

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  1. gettingamyright said: He’s so cute!
  2. tinkerbellrun said: The cutest!!!! :-D
  3. fitnerd said: I’m not really a baby person, but Ryland is so cute that I will never get tired of photospam of him. That smile!! So precious.
  4. betternikki posted this
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