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Smile Friday!

The first is Ryland’s best smile, but it’s blurry, so I posted the sharpest one, too. 

I already did my workout. Actually, I did it before 10:00!

I just did 50 reps because I’m weak. I broke the reps for the 1st 3 super sets into 17-17-16 with 5lb dumbbells in each hand the first 2 sets & a 18.5 oz can + 1lb wristweight in each for the last set.

For the push ups/wall sit set, I did 20 push ups (hand on desk), a 92 sec. wall sit, 16 push ups, 64 sec wall sit, 9 push ups, stick Ryland’s pacifier in his mouth, 5 push ups.

Oh, I didn’t do my core work last night because I had a headache. I did fold about 27 loads of laundry, though, when all I wanted to do was lie on the couch.

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  1. mttbrgr said: despite the blurriness, I love the first one :)
  2. fluff2buff said: Ryland is so ridiculously cute! I’m so happy for you guys!
  3. runwrite said: Too cute!! You both look so happy.
  4. livelaughlovearedhead said: Love these pics!
  5. simplyme-alex said: He is so cute Nikki!
  6. snapthistiger said: 2 beautiful smiles…
  7. abhincactanonverba said: Cuties
  8. rinceya said: I love that picture of you and Ryland, even if it is blurry. You both look so happy :)
  9. runslikeapenguin said: OH MY GOODNESS HE IS SO LOVABLE. And you are a bit of a beast on those wall sits…
  10. sierrafitarchive said: omgomgomg so cute! his smile!
  11. betternikki posted this
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