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The top picture doesn’t capture the intensity of the color of that shirt. Picture highlighter green, but brighter. Also, it seems like the smalls get bigger with every race. Why don’t races offer XS? Or youth large? 

I decided on a boring shirt for the race since between my Camelbak and my bib you won’t see most of it.

Hopefully Ryland will be cooperative in the morning. If not, we’ll just have to put him crying into the car and Jeremy can feed him when we get there.

Jeremy’s taking night duty, and I’m planning on going to bed by 9 so I can get caught up. But not really because that’s how much sleep I would normally want to get. Maybe Tylenol PM at 8:30.

And it’s pretty much unanimous that I go with the rainbow socks. 

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  1. losingitall said: Good luck Nikki, you are going to do great, and do your family proud at the finish line!
  2. michaeldoeslife said: good luck!! My friend Tina is running this race tomorrow too.. her first half
  3. runwrite said: Good luck!! You’ll do excellent.
  4. mariesante said: I think they had a special for the «lime» t-shirt. I swear we had the same color in Montreal!!!!
  5. snapthistiger said: Jedi highlighter..
  6. sayhellotocindy said: Really excited for you! Rainbow socks forever!
  7. shortmom said: Yayyyy!!!
  8. betternikki posted this
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