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Who’s running a race that’s NOT Chicago this weekend?
  • Pam & I are running the Montgomery Half Marathon
  • Aimee is running her first half.
  • Amanda also has a half this weekend.

Who else is racing this weekend?

While we may not be a part of the Tumblr invasion of the Windy City, but we could perhaps think of ourselves as satellite units.

Good luck to all runners everywhere.

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  1. seeamandarun said: Thanks for the shout out Nikki! Good luck to you this weekend!!
  2. crystalfindsherstrength reblogged this from runkathrynrun and added:
    Kathryn is running her FIRST marathon! I repeat, Kathryn is running her first marathon. Like a badass. If you wish to...
  3. happyfitrunnergirl answered: (Reyes Adobe Days) RAD 10K Saturday October 6 :-)
  4. runkathrynrun reblogged this from the-courage-2-grow and added:
    uhhhh i’m running MY FIRST MARATHON this weekend! long beach woot woot.
  5. irun2eatpizza said: Twin cities marathon!
  6. runsforredvelvet answered: Oct 13th, Nashville, TN - Halloween in the Gulch 10K, Oct 20th, Nashville, TN - The Color Run 5K, Oct 27th, Conway, AR - Soaring Wings Half
  7. westcoastrunner answered: Melanieisdoinglife, theboyfriendrunner & high-heels-soccer-shoes are all doing the Portland Marathon
  8. iamrunner reblogged this from shortmom and added:
    I am running the Twin Cities Marathon this Sunday!
  9. adventureproof said: NEXT weekend is my first half … Hartford CT!
  10. runningforme83 said: Me! I’m running the Pit Run 10k here, also known as the biggest hill in town!
  11. sleepruneatrepeat answered: Twin Cities Marathon!
  12. snapthistiger answered: October 27 - Snapthistiger riding his bicycle 75 miles in Wheels of Hope event
  13. shan-thinks-she-can answered: I’m doing the Long Beach Half this Sunday!! :)
  14. the-courage-2-grow reblogged this from shortmom
  15. marinemindset answered: Santa Rosa Island Triathlon!
  16. amy---ela answered: i’m running my first half marathon this saturday! :] Run Like a Girl Half Marathon in Bellingham, WA
  17. runsforbrunch answered: 94monkeys & I are running the Staten Island Half on Sunday!!
  18. shortmom reblogged this from betternikki and added:
    Shortmom says: Remember OCTUMBLR 2011?!! Remember when people used to drop me a line in my ASK and let me know what...
  19. snapthistiger said: Woot. Is there a tracking site for your run? Run fast & injury free. All my tumblr Jedi runners run fast…
  20. sayhellotocindy said: I’ll be rooting for you!
  21. runslikeapenguin answered: I’m doing a 5k on Sunday!!
  22. tinkerbellrun answered: RAD 10K this Saturday :-)
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