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Question for my yoga-practicing friends:

I’ve been more and more interested in giving yoga a try. The problem is that with my wrist, I can’t do any pose that requires my hand to be bent back like in straight-arm planks.

Is it even worth trying, or would there be too many poses I can’t do?

(I tagged those I know of who have practiced long enough to be able to help me.)

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  1. brewingbakasana answered: Definitely definitely give it a shot! There are a lot of different styles of yoga and some barely if at all include any planks (iyengar!)
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    Great advice!
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    Try using a block in some of the poses (ie crow pose?) so that you are gripping the block, and eventually the floor,...
  4. amyrunsamok said: I agree with everyone and would add this. Make an appt to chat with an instructor before signing up. I would hate for you to be disappointed. My experience is that in flow yoga you might struggle with all the down dogs and planks, but would be fine on the standing…
  5. ontherunmama said: I have a wrist injury and can’t bend my wrist fully like you. I told my yoga instructors and they were great at showing me adaptations. I could do almost all the poses.
  6. laughing-soul said: There is a lot with wrists. If you go to class, tell the instructor before, they will offer you modifications. No downward dog, plank, Upward dog, side plank, or things like that, but there are a TON that can be done that won’t hurt your wrist!
  7. rinceya answered: I’m not an expert at all, but when I took beginner’s yoga, there were a lot of ways to modify moves
  8. activeinpink answered: i would say you can; there’s always modification poses! :)
  9. tcandtiki answered: There are a ton of poses where you won’t have to be bent back like that! Definitely worth trying!
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