Making Myself Better
Things I’ve Learned from my Fitblr Family



  1. Judging others for their trails and tribulations is unfair to them and reflects poorly on you. The fitblr community does not tolerate judging or anon hate aimed towards anyone else in our close family—especially in light of recent instances involving a beloved fitblr leaving her blog. We all team up together to support each other on our journey towards healthiness, happiness, and self-love and we won’t stand for heartless, rude, and ignorant messages. 
  2. You are not alone. Anything and everything you’ve experienced—there is someone else out there who has been through the exact same thing. We are all here to share our experiences, our advice, our troubles, and our accomplishments. You are never alone and there is a wealth of support waiting for you here.
  3. Your accomplishments are to be celebrated. Any accomplishment, no matter how large or small is to be celebrated. Even if your friends or family don’t quite support you, the fitblr family is here to share in your triumph and always encourage you to do more, try for more, and accomplish more.

Feel free to add your own!

4. There is always something new to learn. Whether it’s nutritional information about foods, the newest workout trend, or correct form for lifting weights, you can always glean something from reading fellow Fitblrs. I learn new stuff every single day.

5. Never be afraid to share your struggles.

You never know what others are secretly struggling with, and being open about your own may help people more than you could imagine. Also, the community is here to offer advice, help you up, or give you a push, depending on what the situation requires. (This goes along with #2, but I wanted to add more.)

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