Making Myself Better


  1. I moved 5 times by the age of 7, but my family has stayed in that house ever since.
  2. I loved to wear dresses and play with dolls, but I was a tomboy, too. I would often jump from playing My Little Ponies to Ninja Turtles.
  3. I was sensitive even as a child. If I did something wrong, my mom would just look at me and I’d cry.
  4. I was in the gifted program, but rarely made straight As. I’d usually get at least one B.
  5. When I was in 4th grade, the small company my dad co-owned went under after selling to a larger company. My dad delivered pizza (sometimes to my middle school dances), umpired softball, and refereed soccer, while my mom worked retail & substituted to make ends meet. We still qualified for free lunch (back when the standards were higher), and even got boxes of food from the holiday food drives.
  6. I took ballet for 3 years (age 8-10) and started soccer when I was 9. When 6th grade rolled around, my parents couldn’t afford both. I chose soccer.
  7. Both sides of my family lived around Atlanta, so we were able to see everyone for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. That’s something I really miss.
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