Making Myself Better

I almost wish I hadn’t smiled for the camera so I could see my running face. Oh, well. No complaining allowed.

I totally have a #swag face on that last one. Flying like a boss.

24 notes
  1. wunderkindchen said: Wow these are fantastic! What is your secret to looking like a normal person a these kind of pictures? You must teach all of us.
  2. gilliansquirtle said: these are great, you look so happy! i love when people smile in their racing pics!
  3. shortmom said: These are fantastic!!!! I know it is the socks that give you super powers. I should have kept them for myself.
  4. abitofsilliness said: These are so cute, Nikki. :)
  5. justfivemore said: you look awesome in all of these! goooooooo nikki!
  6. jeditrainingholocron said: you look like a fitness model! And the happiest runner Ive ever seen haha! ;)
  7. activeinpink said: Love it!
  8. runningwithguts said: I love the last one! You’re flyinggg!
  9. betternikki posted this
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